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As with our Email a Prisoner service Patient Mail has become a vital tool for family and friends to maintain strong family ties. We complement the current methods of patient communication whilst respecting the security arrangements necessary in the transferring of communication / data.

After the 'user' has registered on our website, created their account and completed their profile they can set-up their recipient details to begin sending messages. Once messages are sent our software encrypts and reformats the message for security before re-directing it to the hospital of choice. Once received in the hospital (via a secure encrypted file) messages are printed & processed in the usual manner for the hospital before being distributed.

There are no envelopes to search, security is enhanced, messages can quickly be processed and letters previously difficult to read now become readable. This alone assists the whole processing procedures and, as we know from experience, this leads to crucial staff time being saved.

We have a complete, comprehensive audit trail and our security checks are deemed satisfactory to all concerned parties. It is a fact that checks are more stringent than traditional postal correspondence. 


As mentioned, this is a totally free service and our only requirement is for a dedicated functional mailbox, that's it. We supply all consumables, posters for public and non-public areas, flyers to relay our service and envelopes for the printed messages. We'll even supply the ink and paper to print the messages.

Up and down the country Security Departments have commented on the simplicity and effectiveness of our service. We are so confident in our service that we will happily put you in touch with establishments already benefitting from our 'free' Patient Mail service.

As soon as you receive our promotional materials, service can begin at your convenience. Please help us to ensure all families of patients have the same option to maintain strong contact.

It has been extensively documented that patients who receive regular communication are 6 times less likely to re-offend - are you doing your bit?

For additional information, enquiries or expressions of interest please call - 03333 70 65 50.