How does patient mail work?

You can send messages to a patient via the www.patient-mail.com website, it takes only a few minutes to sign up and, the message gets delivered to the hospital. Our sophisticated systems allow you to write an email, press 'send' and sit back, in the knowledge the email will be delivered each day, safely and securely to the location of your choice and included in the next mail delivery inside the establishment. From all corners of the World you can now stay in contact with patients, all for 40 pence per message. Certain establishments (see list here) give you the option to receive a reply from your recipient for which there is an extra charge of 25 pence There are counters below the message to help you keep a page and character count. You will be shown the total cost of the message, prior to sending.

How much does it cost to send a message to a patient?
It costs just 40 pence per message.

Why do you charge for messages?
There are running costs for this service. We supply paper, envelopes, ink and equipment to the establishments in order to print the incoming and reply messages, as well as photo attachments. We provide the software to enable the service as well as a friendly support team and we are always developing and enhancing our websites.

Do the patients have to pay for the emails?
The Patient Mail service is completely free of charge to the patients and the facilitating establishment.

How do I Sign Up?
Go to www.patient-mail.com click 'Sign Up' and follow the prompts. You will receive an activation link via email. You need to activate your account before you are able to send a message. 

How do I add credit to my account?
Once you are logged in, click on the 'Buy Credit' under 'Menu'
Enter the amount you wish to credit (min amount £5.00 if using a credit/debit card)*. Select the option 'credit/debit card' check your address details and click 'Add credit to account'. You will be taken to a secure page to enter your card details and confirm or cancel the transaction. *You may credit a lesser amount if you are paying by Cheque or Postal Order.
Click on 'Overseas payment' and the amount you wish to credit your account, make a note of the reference number and the bank paying in details which are shown and then go to your bank and make the payment into our account using the details provided quoting the reference number.
If you are not able to add credit to your account using a debit or credit card or you wish to add less that £5, then you can do so by sending a cheque or postal order in the post. We are also able to accept cash however we strongly advise only sending cash if you cannot use any other method and ONLY by recorded delivery.
To pay by any of these methods simply go to 'Buy Credit' enter the amount ofcredit you wish to add, select 'postal order/cheque/cash' and click 'Add credit to account'. You will then be provided with a reference number. You must include this number, your name and address when you send your payment. Please make all cheques and Postal Orders payable to Unilink Technology Services Ltd and send to:
Unilink Technology Services
PO Box 1288
BS39 5YJ
Patient Mail will not charge you a processing fee so, if you add £10 to your account then you will get the full £10. Paying by one of these methods there is no minimum amount that you can add to your account.
How do I change my email address?
If you need to change your email address please send an email to support@unilink-technology-services.com stating the email address currently registered with the system and the email address you would like to change it to. This email must come from the old email address or we will not be able to make the change.

How do I change my password?
To change your password first log into your account and then select the "Change Password" option from the top left-hand side. On this page you will be able to enter your new password.

How do I edit/check my recipient's information?
Click 'My recipients' select 'edit' change the location and/or ID number and 'save changes'.
We do not hold any information regarding recipient’s whereabouts. If your recipient has been transferred to a new location, you will need to change the details on your account. Please see above for instructions.
How do I add my recipient?
Click 'Write new message' select 'New recipient' enter their details in the columns provided. Compose your message and press 'send'.

I am having problems logging in, what should I do?
If you are having problems logging on to your account, it may be because you computer has picked up cookies which may cause our website not to work properly, on your computer. This is due to our website being secure.
Try logging out of your Internet browser and then log straight into your Patient Mail account once you have re-opened your browser. If that does not work try giving your computer a quick scan for viruses/cookies and then try logging back in to our site again. If you are still having problems, contact our support helpdesk, to assist you further.

The email I have sent to my recipient was late/was not delivered, why is this?
The Patient Mail system operates in such a way that once you press "Send", the message(s) are delivered directly to the establishment of choice. They do not come to us, they go directly to the establishment. Thereafter, we are at the mercy of staff (as with all correspondence) how quickly the messages are given to the patients. Also, some establishments do not deliver emails at the weekend or Bank Holidays. If you are aware that the emails have not been delivered or are delivered later than 2 working days, please contact the support helpdesk.

I wish to contact a patient but do not know where they are and what their ward name is, can you assist?
Due to Data Protection we do not hold any information about patients. We can only advise contacting the local health authority for additional guidance.

Can I cancel an email once it has been sent?
We are afraid that we cannot cancel an email if you have already sent it because once you press "Send", the message(s) are delivered directly to the establishment of choice. They do not come to us, they go directly to the establishment.

Can I book a visit?
You cannot book visits via the Patient Mail service, you must call the establishment you wish to visit, directly.

Can the patient see my address and email address?
All ingoing correspondence, emails and letters alike, must have the senders' address clearly visible. However, your email address will not be publicised on any of the emails you send.

Can I send attachments?
Customers of Patient Mail service are currently unable to send any form of attachments via the service.

How can I cancel my account?
If you wish to cancel your account at any time, please email the support help desk, requesting for your account to be cancelled.

Can I get a refund?
Please check our terms and conditions for information in relation to a refund