Legal Profession

Legal Professionals & Related Health Organisations 

We already have numerous legal and professional agencies benefiting from our cost effective service and we are able to offer invoice accounts for legal professionals and organisations wishing to use Patient Mail to send communications to their clients.

If several staff members wish to use this service we can provide a 'Multi-User' account, please contact our support team for more information.

Whether keeping patients up to date with their case(s), or supplying information from a variety of sources, Patient Mail is a quick and efficient service to convey your communication.

Messages only cost 40p each and with a single account all / any permitted members can email their correspondence direct to the establishment where the message is printed and placed into an envelope (for security) and distributed with the rest of the daily correspondence.

Please note - legally sensitive material/communications sent via this website is NOT subject to the usual privileged handling arrangements afforded to privileged mail. We recommend sending sensitive materials through the traditional channels.